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byFlow,  founded in the Netherlands as a family business in 2015, is one of the globally leading companies in the growing market of 3D Food Printing.

It’s our mission to change the way food is prepared and experienced, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable world. We develop and sell 3D Printing Technology which enables professionals to create customized shapes, textures and flavors, by using fresh ingredients or ingredients that otherwise would have been thrown away.

Our product - the Focus 3D Food Printer -  is portable, easy to maintain and easy to use, thus accessible to everyone. It is available for sale on a common market and is already being used by Top Chefs like Jan Smink, Caterers, Bakeries, Chocolatiers and Food Designers, who want to experiment with shapes and amaze their customers. Besides professionals from the Food Industry, we cooperates with resellers and R&D centers of Multinational companies, searching with them for further development and applicability of the technology.

While our main focus is selling and developing the Focus 3D Food Printer, we are also active in the field of services. Answering the increasing interest in 3D Food Printing, we give demonstrations and workshops, on both public and private events.

The possibilities of 3D Food Printing are endless - just Think, Design, Create and EAT!
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High Tech Campus 12
5656AE, Eindhoven,
The Netherlands

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