What can PATISSIERS & CHOCOLATIERS do with it?

The focus offers a lot of applications

Personalized chocolate bars, cookies or cakes

Create personalized shapes like logo, text or artistic topping, directly on bars, cakes, cookies or any other items.

You can choose different ingredients for printing - for example chocolate, ganache, fondant, marzipan or fruit puree.

To learn more about the ingredients, visit our recipes page.

Customized products for specific occasions

Always say yes to the customers who are looking for something exclusive.

Present, occasional cakes, corporate gifts - fulfill all the requests for customized shapes in chocolate and forget about the expensive molds.

Win customers’ satisfaction and save money at the same time.

Seasonal and occasional products

Quickly and easily update your assortiment with seasonal items.

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and meet the needs of the market without changes to your standard methods of production and large investments in new molds or machines.

Unique decorations and garnishes

Produce numerous customized decorations at the same time.

Your small batch series can be ready within minutes (for example 15 minutes to print 20 chocolate garnishes, the exact time depends on the design).

You can print with various ingredients (read more here) and use your pieces immediately or freeze them for later.

Sit back, take a break and let the Focus do the work!

Innovative products and artistic showpieces

Let your creative ideas become reality.

Develop new products, dishes and showpieces to amaze your customers and stand out from competitors.

You can experiment with different ingredients and achieve shapes that were not possible before by hand or mold.

Visit our gallery for inspiration or download ready-to-use designs to see how it works.