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As a Food Tech company we have a global installed base of 3D Food Printing Technology at Food Professionals.
A lot of interest from our customers in 3D Food Printing Technology has been on (personalised) chocolate printing.
This ingredient is one of the most difficult to print with since it needs to follow a precise tempering process.
After 7 years of development byFlow is proud to show you its patented technology with a first implementation of personalised 3D chocolate printing.  

We are accelerating the development of 3D Food Printing Technology for various applications

This is 3D Food Printing

3D Food Printing allows anyone to create personalized shapes of food and unique structures that are not possible to do by hand or by mould

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The Focus 3D Food Printer and byFlow Studio – a dedicated online Design tool and platform for a collection of recipes and designs – all developed by byFlow for Food Professionals.

Let's start with Chocolate

With this machine and Online Chocolate Design Studio, you can create your chocolate dreams in a matter of minutes Start a print with just a click of a button
Anywhere, anytime, any type/brand of couverture chocolate
Highest quality of chocolate and printing capabilities
Produce personalised chocolates with minimal manual labor
The process of tempering the chocolate is fully automatic

More information coming soon...

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