April 23, 2018

#beyondthemyths: 3D-printed food is REAL food

“How does the chicken come out of the printer?” This question is the number one on our list of webchat inquires. Of course we like to tease a little, and liked the idea of making a joke by saying that you need to put an egg in. But mostly these questions remind us every day that the idea of 3D Food Printing is still very blur and exposed to misunderstandings. At byFlow we feel it is our responsibility and job to make this mystery clear.

Preparation method.

3D Food Printing is a method of food preparation. Just as any other method commonly used in the kitchen. Simply saying - chicken comes out of the 3D Food Printer if you put chicken-meat in it. The same applies to sweets, vegetables and dairy products, which all are suitable for 3D-printing with byFlow’s machine. 3D-printed chocolate is real chocolate and a 3D-printed avocado is a real, fresh and healthy avocado. All the ingredients just need to be properly prepared before printing (for that byFlow provides recipes to their customers) to reach the desirable smoothness and volume. What the machine does, is extruding the food-paste from the cartridge, and while extruding, creating a designed and programmed 3D-shape (read more about this process here). Nothing artificial, no magic skills needed.

3D Food Printer ?

We realized, that probably the name is the one to be blamed for most of the confusions. The word printing understandablybrings connotations of ink and paper, not food for dinner. Where it comes from is the origin of the used method. From the technological point of view, 3D Food Printing is an additive manufacturing process which uses food products as printing material, instead of plastics, ceramics or anything else. What gets created in the end of this process is still the same food, but in a new, unique shape, with potentially a totally different texture. We print a dish out of fresh food, not food out of something else.

The  concept of 3D Food Printing can undoubtedly challenge our perception but let’s face it - which innovation doesn’t? The future translates unimaginable into common and at byFlow, we believe that the future of 3D Food Printing is already here!

Do you have any other questions about 3D Food Printing that you would like to see answered on this blog? Feel free to let us know! We will do our best to resolve your doubt.


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