May 31, 2018

3D-printing true MASTERpieces: byFlow's Ambassador Hidde de Brabander becomes Meester Patissier

The Ambassador of byFlow, the owner of a successful patisserie Dreams of Magnolia, the absolute superstar of a successful tv show "De Brabander Bakt" and, since 30th of May, Meester Patissier! Hidde de Brabander is the third one in the Netherlands to receive this prestigious title.

Hidde de Brabander during the Meester Patissier exam

The Meester title is the highest achievable one in the bakery sector and shows that the candidate has mastered the skills of the boulangerie or patisserie profession to perfection. It is granted by the international commission after 3 days of hard practical exams, preceded by the months of intensive preparations. What accompanied Hidde de Brabander in this demanding time of practicing, was the Focus 3D Food Printer.

The Focus 3D Food Printer used by Hidde de Brabander during the exam

“The title represents not only the world class in the field, but also the vision and the implementation of innovation” 

- we can read on the Meester Title website.

All these elements perfectly describe Hidde, who cooperates with byFlow in the development and promotion of 3D Food Printing technology (read more about their collaboration here). He looks into the future, experiments with new techniques and thanks to that, achieves extraordinary results. His pastries are the expressions of his creativity, perfect skills and interest in innovation. They are true MASTERpieces, which is now confirmed by the title he holds.

One of the MASTERpieces by Hidde, prepared during the exam with the Focus 3D Food Printer

"The Third Eye", 3D-printed with the Focus 3D Food Printer


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