February 19, 2018

Hidde de Brabander joins the family of byFlow’s Ambassadors

The owner of a successful patisserie Dreams of Magnolia, the author of a cookbook "Patisserie" and the absolute superstar of the successful tv show "De Brabander Bakt" at​ 24Kitchen and the Instagram, where he shares his delicious work on a daily basis. Now, there is a new title to add to the collection - The Ambassador of byFlow! Meet Hidde de Brabander.

The 3D Food Printer opens a whole new world of possibilities within my field. I believe in the innovative technology. It allows me to bring my showpieces to an extraordinary level.

says Hidde enthusiastically.

Talented, popular and listed among the best Pastry Chefs in the Netherlands, he could simply enjoy his 5 minutes of fame. But being a Patissier in his heart and soul (as we can read on his Facebook page), Hidde aims much higher. To master his profession, he needs to look into the future.

Luckily, “the future is here” - states the slogan of byFlow. The message that the company shares with the world is that 3D Food Printing isn’t the technology of tomorrow, but the revolution happening on our plates right now. Indeed, byFlow’s 3D Food Printer is not only present on the market, but also already used on daily basis by the group of over 100 of their customers.

Hidde de Brabander decided to make a one step further than an ownership of byFlow’s printer. As the company’s Ambassador he will be actively involved in the ongoing collaboration and will support the concept of 3D Food Printing with his name, skills and ideas.

Ambassadorship means for us much more than marketing-based cooperation. It’s an invitation to join our family, where we share inspiration, energy and a common goal of spreading the word about 3D Food Printing.

explains Nina Hoff, CEO of byFlow.

What’s said is done. byFlow and Hidde won’t keep us waiting, as they appear together already this Thursday (22nd of February), during Chocoa Trade Fairs in Amsterdam.

Do you want to join them? More info and registration available here.


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