June 26, 2019

Verstegen & byFlow deliver Food Printers wíth fillings and introduce a 3D Food Print Farm

Verstegen Spices & Sauces B.V. and byFlow will announce during the 3D Food Printing Conference in Venlo (June 27) that Verstegen will be the first worldwide who offers the Focus 3D Food Printer wíth ready-to-use fillings, as byFlow's new reseller, to offer a solution for scaling up production capacity with 3D Food Printing technology.

Jeroen van der Graaf (Verstegen) & Nina Hoff (byFlow)

Family company,Verstegen Spices & Sauces B.V, located in Rotterdam, is a leading producer and supplier of high-quality herbs (mixtures), spices, sauces, marinades and various additives. Recently, Verstegen has been working with lots of innovative products. However, she wants to focus on selling 3D Food Printers to her customers, because Verstegen really believes in this innovative technology. Verstegen wants to focus on the Food Service market on a larger scale. Therefore, byFlow and Verstegen introduced a 3D Food Print Farm. A 3D Food Print Farm is several Food Printers next to each other, who simultaneously print different parts of dishes, where it's even possible to print with different ingredients. In this way, a company could easily scale up their production capacity.

Verstegen supported and participated many events to bring 3D Food Printing in the spotlight last year. In January 2018, the company started to develop a small-scale production of fillings, which are purees made of vegetables. In collaboration with Jan Smink, Verstegen succeeded in being the first producer of fillings for Food Cartridges worldwide. Verstegen: “We have been working with byFlow for over 1.5 years now: our visions and background as Family Businesses fit together perfectly. Together with byFlow and Top Chef Jan Smink, we have recently experimented a lot with various fillings, with the instruction that this development had to be in line with our ‘Healthy pleasure umbrella’. This means that we only do our innovations based on a conscious and healthy method and composition. We are proud that we can offer these fillings, together with the Focus 3D Food Printer to our customers from now on” says Jeroen van der Graaf, Creative Innovation Manager.

byFlow ,a dutch family business, is currently the market leader in the world of 3D Food Printing. With their portable Focus 3D Food Printer, they want to change the way food is being prepared and experienced.Their product is already being used by top chefs, pastry chefs, caterers, schools and multinationals worldwide.

Nina and Floris Hoff, founders of byFlow, are very excited about this new partnership: “Many food professionals asked us whether we can supply prepared fillings, particularly in the Food Service segment, where they need to be able to quickly scale up their production. The renewed collaboration with Verstegen will ensure that we can serve this target group from now on. Besides, Verstegen has a wonderful customer portfolio: 3D Food Printing could be very interesting for their customers. Therefore, Verstegen will offer their new fillings together with our Focus 3D Food Printer, to sell it as a package!”

The first fillings will be available for sale online on this website soon. The fillings are prepared in such a way, that it can be used for printing in different types of shapes. At the Horecava, January 2019, the first line was tested. Buyers will initially have the following choice: Beetroot with cardamom, Hollandaise and Curry with ginger. byFlow and Verstegen hope to be able to launch a larger assortment within a short term of time.


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