October 24, 2019

Trick or Printed Treats?!

Hocus Pocus, it's time to prepare your Halloween food with the Focus! Scroll down to get inspired for Halloween!

The spookiest time of the year is getting closer and closer; even in the Netherlands. The American way of celebration of this phenomenon is getting more popular every year. To be honest with you guys, we know it takes a little bit of time to think of new ways of presenting your food and creating Halloween dishes. But it's so much fun to do a little extra around this time of the year, and with our inspiration and designs, we assure you that it’s going to be a piece of cake. Just send some cool designs to your food printer and you continue to work in your kitchen, while the food printer is doing its job.

1.Classic Pumpkin
Want to keep it ‘simple’ on your plates? Go for a small pumpkin as a fun element in your dish. You could food print it with for example butter, hummus and other dips next to served bread, fruit dips for lunch or vegetable puree for main dinner. Want something bigger? Go crazy with our grinning pumpkin!

2. Sticky Spiderwebs
A spiderweb is such a great pattern to decorate your plates with. It could be used as a starting point for your dishes and bites: be creative and fill in the open areas with other ingredients. Thinking about a small Halloween design? Food print multiple little spiderwebs to decorate your desserts and sweets! Use for example chocolate for your sweets, butter or dips to serve with bread, fruit or vegetable purees for the main dishes or balsamic for your salads.

3. Casper the Cake-Ghost
Say BOO and scary on! We created a classic cake here but this design could be used for any kind of dish. It is suitable as butter, hummus and other dips for lunch or use the design as a starting point when making a starter or a dessert! Just think of a suitable dish and food print this design multiple times in advance and freeze it! We assure you, your guests will love it.

4. Ripped Cheesecake
A classic dessert but totally ripped apart… We used crumbled cookies, black fruit and a printable cheesecake recipe. Be creative with your classic dishes and try to give it a spooky touch! Write someone’s name in the tombstone to send a personal message 😉!

5. Printed Bewitched Hat
‘WITCH, please. Even children can work with our Focus 3D Food Printer’, is what we tell curious people this time of the year who think 3D Food Printing is hard and costs a lot of time. Lots of our customers organise workshops with kids since kids love the fact that their drawings can be converted into food. You see the little hat of the witch? That part was 3D food printed, and can be used as a small finishing touch of your dishes. Food print it in cookie dough for example and serve it with hot drinks or desserts.

Go to our Design Collection to download our ready-to-use Halloween designs and get creative in your kitchen! Check out our Instagram profile for more inspiration and remember: always share your printed decorations with the world. Happy Halloween!



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