August 22, 2019

Summer vibes: tips to get through summer

We had extreme high temperatures in Europe last month; in The Netherlands we broke all heat-records! Therefore, we put some tips in our newsletter to get through these hot summer days, since Dutch people are not used to such high temperatures. We received so many positive responses to these tips, that we decided to publish them in a blogpost. Even though it now looks like fall is coming already, these tips could be very useful if we will get more hot summer days or if you are simply somewhere else where it is still pretty hot outside!

5x Tips for 3D Food Printing during summer

1: Let’s start with an easy one: do not 3D print the food outside, right in the sun, when it is above 30 degrees! It is too hot to work in the sun and your beautiful food prints will probably melt.  

2: Make sure you have some cold water and ice cream for yourself, near the food printing process, to cool off once in a while. It is important to stay hydrated, especially during work hours!

3. Don’t be too excited about your awesome 3D food prints. Keep it cool!

4. Prepare your prints early in the morning and try to food print lots of prints at once. Freeze them in for example, and use them later for your restaurant or at an event!

5: Last one: watch our Focus 3D Food Printing doing its magic. It is satisfying to watch, and therefore it will keep you cool and calm. 

3x Ingredients tips

1: Fruit puree ice cubes
Use super small designs and 3D food print them with fruit puree. Freeze them and put the ice cubes in your cocktails. You just created personalized ice cubes for cold summer drinks, pretty unique right?

2: Cream of Balsamic Vinegar
Use a dressing like cream of Balsamic Vinegar to decorate your guests’ plate, to create a masterpiece to serve something special. 

3: Herb butter/aioli/humus
Food print your homemade dips in elegant shapes for dishes with some baguette or meat, to create a fancy dish, made of simple but tasty ingredients. Extraordinary forms are just a little bit more fun to eat, compared to the standard way of serving dips.

5x Design tips 

1: Octopus, fun to add to a fish menu
2: Mini sun
, bring the sun literally to your plate
3: Dalia, just perfect for elegant, summer dishes
4: Boat on the ocean, serve your guests a tasty summer destination
5: Honeycomb, life is sweet, just like honey during summer

That was it for summer 2019. And remember: the Focus 3D Food Printer does not sweat while working… but you do! Take a swim to cool off, while the Focus 3D Food Printer is doing its job!

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