May 21, 2019

byFlow partners with VDL Apparatenbouw

byFlow announced a partnership with VDL Groep, during the Dutch Technology Week in Eindhoven today. Manufacturing and assembly of their 3D Food Printers, will be provided by VDL Apparatenbouw in Eersel from now on. They are part of VDL Groep – an outstanding precision engineering and subcontracting company, with a global expertise and reputation in the production of high-specification products and materials.

byFlow partners with VDL Apparatenbouw

byFlow, a Dutch family business, is currently the market leader in the world of 3D Food Printing. With their first product, the Focus 3D Food Printer,they want to change the way food is being prepared and experienced. Their printer is already being used by professional chefs, pastry chefs, caterers,schools, multinationals and research and development facilities worldwide.

“The very first Focus 3D Food Printer was my project from the beginning to the end. I haven´t only designed, but also assembled each and every part of it. I wouldn’t trust just anyone with taking over the production. We are very proud that a company like VDL Apparatenbouw is going to support byFlow in its journey to the next phase of scaling up our company”,  says Floris Hoff, byFlow’s founder and current CTO.

It is in byFlow’s DNA to continuously research and develop 3D technology for the Food Industry. Thanks to this new collaboration, byFlow will be able to increase such activities.

“With VDL Groep as a strategic partner, byFlowis now prepared to extend their business with international food industry companies”,  says Nina Hoff, byFlow’s co-founder and CEO.

VDL Groep is specialist in subcontracting and semi-finished products, makes its own end products, such as suspension systems, the automated design of carfactories, heat exchangers and container handling systems, and with VDL Nedcarin Born, it has the only passenger car factory in the Netherlands where serialassembly takes place for third parties. This diversity of activities has asingle common denominator: the unique combination of thinking and doing, andthis is what makes them stand out. VDL Groep innovates by combiningcraftsmanship, entrepreneurship and the latest technologies.

Mark Verdonschot, managing director VDL Apparatenbouw: “We are pleased that we have been able to bind a progressive customer such as byFlow to us. The 3D Food Printer is a wonderful innovative product, that fits perfectly with our own activities!”

The Focus 3D Food Printer will be demonstrated by VDL at the Dutch Technology Week in Eindhoven during several events. Visit Night of the Nerds(Tuesday May 21), Mission Tech (Wednesday May 23) or KempenTech in Hapert (Saturday May 25) to try one of their delicious small bites


byFlow partners with VDL Apparatenbouw
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