May 8, 2019

Meet our online platform 'byFlow Studio' and get creative with the Design Tool!

At the beginning of this year, we released our second product: byFlow Studio. This is a multifunctional platform where you can find our Design Tool, Recipes, Food Design database and Manuals for support. This blogpost is about the first and most awesome function of byFlow Studio: the Design Tool!

Personalized or customized food is really ‘a thing’ these days. Last couple of years, food professionals in the food industry learned it is a must to base your assortment on the wishes and needs of your target audience, in order to survive the dynamic world of food services. Consumers are acquainted that they have a lot of power; whatever they want, they will get it somehow.

Nowadays, consumers have plenty of choices when it comes to food services.  What they want, whenever they want it and where they want to eat it… There is a solution for every wish in every situation. Some people even complain there are too much choices. These facts make it very hard for food professionals to stand out in this overloaded world of food services. 3D Food Printing is named as one of the solutions to help food professionals with creating personalized food. That’s why we developed the Focus 3D Food Printer and the online platform ‘byFlow Studio’. In byFlow Studio customers will find our Design tool, which makes it very, véry easy for our customers to design their own personalized food art, to stand out from the crowd!

Why should you use our Design Tool?

At byFlow, we believe in a different kind of personalized or customized food solutions. It shouldn’t only be about the perfect solutions fór customers, it should be about the characteristics of the food professional itself as well. We think it is important for food professionals to stand out from the crowd, with unique creations of food art that stays close by themselves, but also answers their customers wishes.

Even when  every food professional would use a 3D Food Printer, they still can be very unique and different from each other. In the end, every professional has his or her own style, so every professional will work differently with this technique. It is like drawing or writing; every signature is different. No one cooks or creates in exactly the same way, right?  

How does the Design Tool work?

The byFlow Design Tool was developed to help our customers create their own, unique, customized designs. This is shortly how it works:

Log in to byFlow Studio with your personal account at or Click on ´Design Tool´ and start a new project.

Step 1: Upload
You can use different types of files to start creating your personalized 3D shapes. It is possible to use images, texts, freehand drawings, someone’s picture… Don’t let your creativity be limited! Combine elements together to create complete designs.

Step 2: Edit
Use our simple editing tools to adjust your designs, to make them even more customized. In byFlow Studio you will find a manual  to guide and help you with every editing tool we developed for you!

Step 3: Finish
Set the size of your design and let the software autocorrect your creation, to make sure your design will be printed in the best possible way. You can still work on some details and perfect your design afterwards.

Step 4: Print
Download your design as a printing file and it is ready to print! Once your design is saved on your computer, just upload it to your Focus 3D Food Printer and let the printer do its magic. There is no additional software required; just your computer and the printer. Easy as pie!

Feeling uninspired?

No worries! We created some inspiration, which will show you the possibilities of byFlow Studio. You will find our creations in our next blogposts. Examples for creating logo´s, names, images, faces and draws will be presented, so stay tuned!



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