August 30, 2018

Masterclass: Let your food creativity become a reality! 3D Food Printing with byFlow, HANOS and Jan Smink.

byFlow, a global leader in the field of 3D Food Printing, together with Jan Smink, chef and owner of the restaurant “Smink”, partners with HANOS, international supplier and wholesaler for the food industry, in the organization of 3D Food Printing Masterclasses. There will be 3 Masterclasses this year, available times and locations are as follows:

The Masterclasses at HANOS are exclusively tailored for professionals from the Food Industry. Attendees get the opportunity to learn how to use 3D food printing technology in practice and how to implement this innovative technology in their businesses. At last, the attendees will be able to discover the taste and flavour of several 3D-printed dishes. Registration is free of charge, but required, as the number of places is limited. Available here.

“HANOS offers the knowledge and the network to take the next steps in the Horeca. One of these next steps is 3D Food Printing. byFlow is experienced in this innovative technology, and therefore this collaboration gives a value add to both our companies.”

- Says Nina Hoff, CEO at byFlow.

Some of byFlow’s latest achievements in the Horeca are:

- their great success on Horecava 2018;

- their ongoing cooperation with top chef Jan Smink, whose upcoming restaurant “Smink” gained lots of publicity already before opening, as the first high-end restaurant in the Netherlands with 3D-printed food on the menu.

- and their new video: byFlow’s 3D Food Revolution | Now available:

In addition to offering a wide range of food and non-food products, HANOS supplies their customers with much more. The company provides also tailored solutions in the fields of design or catering kitchens, and guarantees a daily dose of inspiration via their platform To follow the trends and enrich their offer with the latest innovations, HANOS decided to invite their customers for the 3D Food Printing Masterclasses with byFlow and Jan Smink.

More information, including the detailed program, available HERE.


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