July 1, 2018

byFlow's 3D Food Printer starring in Australian MasterChef

“Namaleka” means in Japanese “very creamy”. Sounds like a good name for a dessert, doesn’t it? Now think caramelized white chocolate, lemon-vanilla curd, chocolate crisps, wild fennel and Italian meringue on top. Sounds mind blowing, doesn’t it? Now imagine that this iconic dish is not only blowing up your taste buds, but also your vision, with its unique texture and 3D-printed shape. Sounds like a recipe for success? Let’s see what the participants of Australian MasterChef thought about it.

The ”Namaleka dessert” by Brendan Wessels, the Head Chef at the Cube Restaurant

The multi-awarded  d’Arenberg Cube Restaurant in South Australia invites its guests for “luxury food and wine experiences that challenge convention” (starting from the doorstep, as the building’s architecture is far from ordinary). The Focus 3D Food Printer is successfully helping Brendan Wessels, the Head Chef at the Cube, to push the boundaries of cooking and aim towards innovation and uniqueness. As byFlow’s customer, the Restaurant is practically applying the cutting-edge, 3D Food Printing technology - and they are the only commercial kitchen in Australia doing so.  

“It gives us so many more options as to what we can do with it. You’re able to inject so much more theatre – and so much more entertainment, and fun – into the whole project and presentation of food.” 

- says Brendan, who also believes that

 “ten years from now, this [the 3D Food Printer] is going to be standard equipment in kitchens.”

The ”Namaleka dessert” is one of the iconic dishes of the Cube Restaurant. The true MASTERpiece, with incredible taste and extraordinary look achieved thanks to the 3D Food Printing technique. A task to recreate it (in 3 hours only!) was then a perfect competition assignment for one of the most popular reality cooking contest - the MasterChef Australia. The participants were given everything they needed - the recipe, the ingredients and the Focus 3D Food Printer.

Do you wonder now what has happened next? There is only one way to check - watch season 10 episode 26 of Australian MasterChef!  Or for a minimum option, check out these two short parts were the Focus 3D Food Printer really stars!  



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