October 17, 2018

byFlow and Jan Smink 3D Printing Food during State Visit of King and Queen of the Netherlands to the United Kingdom

Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will give a state visit to the United Kingdom from 23rd to 24th October 2018, as the guests of Queen Elizabeth II. The King and Queen will be accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stef Blok, and Dutch companies from the field of innovation, with byFlow among them.

A cake 3D-printed with the Focus 3D Food Printer for King's Day 2018


The official program of the state visit reveals that it aims to “re-affirm the excellent ties between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom as ‘North Sea Neighbors’, based on shared values in the past, present and future.” Among planned focus points of the visit are  common social challenges, peace and security and economic cooperation. As both countries have global leading position in the field of innovation, special attention will be also paid to the latter.

On the second day of the visit, 24th of October, Their Majesties King and Queen, together with Earl and Countess of Wessex and the representatives of the British and Dutch governments, will meet with companies and institutions from both countries, which work with innovation and provide new solutions for global challenges. byFlow will be represented by Nina Hoff, CEO, and Toussaint Jongen, 3D Food Printing Expert, who will demonstrate Their Majesties and other guests, how the 3D Food Printing technology works and what opportunities it brings.


Later in the evening, byFlow together with Jan Smink, chef and owner of Restaurant Smink (the first restaurant in the Netherlands with 3D-printed food on the menu) will serve 3D-printed amusements during a networking reception organized by the Dutch Embassy in London, on the HMS Belfast - a historic warship of British Royal Navy, moored on the River Thames. Among the reception guests, who will have a chance to try 3D-printed food, are: representatives of the Dutch Embassy in London, the British Embassy in The Hague, Buckingham Palace, the City of London, the British Parliament, the British Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Defense, the Dutch and British Navy, the Metropolitan Police and the businesses who participate in the state visit program.


byFlow, founded in the Netherlands as a family business, is among the very few companies in the world whose 3D Food Printer is present on the market and is already actively being used in practice. The 3D Food Printing technology, which byFlow develops and sells, is currently revolutionizing food industry. It is byFlow’s mission to change the way food is prepared and experienced, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable world through reduction of food waste and development of personalized dieting. The company has already presented its 3D Food Printers in London in July 2016, when pop up restaurant Food Ink offered 3D-printed food experience to its guests. byFlow’s participation in the royal state visit only confirms that at the table of economic innovation, there is definitely a space for 3D-printed food.


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