March 20, 2020

byFlow among top 20 of the global FoodTech 500 list!

Who is shaping the future of food in the world? The FoodTech 500 list, powered by ForwardFooding, brings the answer. At the intersection between food, technology and sustainability there are globally leading startups and scaleups which power the food revolution. byFlow, with its cutting-edge 3D Food Printing technology, is the only Dutch company shortlisted among the top 20.

"We are not only very proud, but also profoundly satisfied that the direction and strategy we have decided to follow in 2019 has already proven itself successful"-  says Nina Hoff, CEO of byFlow.

What Nina Hoff refers to is a shift towards industrialisation that the company announced at the 3D Food Printing Conference in Venlo last year, followed by the introduction of the 3D Food Print Farm.
While byFlow’s first product - a 3D Food Printer named the Focus - has brought the company global recognition (from starring in Australian MasterChef to printing snacks for Dutch Royal Family) and is one of the very few machines of its type used by food professionals (as in the high-end restaurant Smink), innovation leaders must think ahead. To address the needs of the food industry, contribute to solving its problems and put 3D Food Printing technology to the best use, byFlow is currently working with partners on new developments.

"Household kitchens are not where we aim" - explains Hoff.
"Although it’s always enjoyable to see how consumers are excited to see that food can be 3D-printed, our goals are far beyond that. As technology leader we focus on R&D projects and collaborations with food professionals and industrial companies, in order to upscale food production methods" - she adds.

Indeed, the above-mentioned 3D Food Print Farm is already a significant step towards scaling up the capacity of production. Yet, it is definitely not the last word of byFlow, which seems to be only warming up. Being shortlisted among the top 20 of global FoodTech leaders in the world is a clear proof of concept. Just as it is an impulse to keep going and making a change.


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