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The very first portable and multimaterial 3D printer

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Not only can you print with plastics, but also with other materials like ceramic, glass, bronze and many more

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What is so unique about the Focus?

Some of the many unique things about the Focus 3D printer

Intelligent and exchangeable printerheads

Changing the printerheads is very easy with the magnetic click-on-system. It is 64% faster than an average 3D printer meaning you can start printing within 5 minutes.    .


The printerheads we use are the filament and paste printerhead. These easily exchangeable printerheads make it possible to print with over 20 different materials.   


Bring your printer to where the designing happens. The printer is foldable, so that you can transport it easily, safely and dust-free in its specially designed case. Ideal for schools and designers!     

Unique design

We use industrial- grade materials, including an aluminium frame with rust-free steel fixtures. It is the Apple among 3D printers!

Accurate and stationary print-bed

The stationary printbed allows for more accuracy, especially with soft materials such as ceramics. The printbed is also heated (up to 100°C/212°F) and insulated.

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