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For everybody who is curious about, or already convinced that 3D printing
is beneficial, we offer several arrangements to explore 3D printing.
Experience the capabilities of 3D printing at your event. A demoteam member will bring the Focus 3D printer to demonstrate and explain the application of 3D printing plastics, ceramics or food. With regards to food several sweet and bitter ingredients can be used. It's even possible to taste some 3D printed snacks.
Learn how to design and 3D print with plastic filaments or paste materials like ceramics or food. Demo-team members will bring the Focus 3D printers, materials and worksheets. After a presentation it is time to get practical. You can take or in case of food eat your own 3D printed designs.
Invite one of our experts in-house at your company for apresentation about the opportunities of 3D printing including a demonstration of its applications. Once inspired, together we will explore how 3D printing technology can benefit your business.
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the focus is available in three versions:
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